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  • I’ve spent many hours talking to customers who are driven to respond assertively to the manybusiness challenges and opportunities presented to them nowadays. Top on their list is harnessing the deluge of data available to them to make more timely, fact-based decisions, which I’ve written about previously. Their businesses depend upon it. So, I’m proud that today, Jaspersoft is in better position than ever to help its customers rise to this challenge and create new opportunities.

    Yesterday, we launch Jaspersoft v4.1. It may be just a single digit improvement from v4.0, but it’s a giant leap toward delivering insight from any data source (and released just four months after Jaspersoft 4!). Utilizing the enormous architectural improvements and the ground-breaking UI framework designed into Jaspersoft 4, we are quickly delivering a simple, elegant new interface to ROLAP-based, multi-dimensional data. And we’ll deliver that interface purely within our natural, web-based, drag-and-drop environment that allows querying of and interaction with nearly any data source. Here’s a sample screen to provide a view of this new ROLAP interface.


    In total, our Jaspersoft BI Server architecture now supports integrated analysis capabilities across relational, OLAP and Big Data sources. Which means that our broad array of Big Data connectors can be used to bring gobs of data into this unified analytic and reporting environment, yielding new business insight simply and at an unbelievably low cost. Kind of makes the deluge of data seem tame-able.

    Jaspersoft is fortunate in that its product’s breadth of use affords us a front row seat to some of the most demanding reporting and analytic requirements in the world. We know that scalability and performance will become ever-more important as data sizes and expectations for near real-time results grow. Clever then that Jaspersoft v4.1 comes wrapped in a native 64-bit installer, which allows this powerful BI server to be up-and-running on the most powerful hardware with the click of a button. Smells like more timely, fact-based decisions are on the horizon for organizations of any size.

    Because this powerful, scalable, integrated analytic BI server still comes with our incredibly affordable commercial open source subscription pricing, we’re doing all we can to eliminate the barriers for anyone to create their own new opportunities.

    My only hope is that everyone will check out Jaspersoft v4.1 before they consider using any other BI server. To learn more about our new product, you can check out the updated information on our web site or consider attending an up-coming webinar.

    In the meantime, all comments and feedback are encouraged. Let me know what you think.

    Brian Gentile

    Chief Executive Officer



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