Connect Azure to Data Sources

Launching Jaspersoft for Azure


This page explains the best practices to connect to your Azure data using Jaspersoft for Azure.
The short video is a great introduction. Follow the steps listed below to connect to Azure SQL Database.
For non-Azure data sources see the JDBC/JNDI connections section below.


Connect to Azure SQL Datasource

JasperReports Server can discover and connect to Azure SQL DataSource using the Find My Azure Databases feature.

1 Menu: Create -> Data Source -> Azure Datasource

Menu: Create -> Data Source

2 Use Azure Subscription and Certificate credentials

The data source type should be set to "Azure SQL". Fill up Azure subscription, Certificate and Certificate Password fields and click “Find My Azure Databases” button.

If Azure subscription and certificate credentials are not available, then see the Additional Connection Possibilities section below.

3 Enter Database connection info

JasperReports Server is able to detect your Azure SQL Database data sources when you enter the Subscription credentials. It pre-populates the Server Name, Database Name to form the URL.

You have to enter the database username and password. For security reasons Azure does not store these credentials, so Jaspersoft cannot retrieve them.

4 Test

You should always test your connection before saving the Datasource.

5 Create a Domain
Jaspersoft's metadata layer is called "Data Domains". Choose the menu Create -> Domain.

Follow the domain creation wizard to build a domain.

6 Analyze your data
Choose the menu Create -> Ad Hoc View. Find your newly created domain and use the ad hoc environment to begin analyzing your data.

7 Next steps
Refer to the Online Documentation for lots of details on creating domains, performing ad hoc analysis, and creating reports.




Additional Connection Possibilities

* JDBC / JNDI Connections

NOTE: When using JDBC for data source connections, the user will be responsible for managing the Azure security groups and inboud/outboud rules to allow access from the Jaspersoft server to the data source.

When connecting to Azure, it is best to use the data source type "Azure SQL" to make configuration easier. If you prefer, JDBC connections may be used to connect to Azure SQL. To connect using JDBC, choose the data source type "JDBC". Enter all connection information and test. Alternatively, you can choose "JNDI" and refer to a data source defined in Apache Tomcat.