Installing the Webservice Datasource

This page contains step by step instructions to install the WebService Datasource in TIBCO JasperReports® Server and  TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio.

For additional information on this project please refer to the Project Home Page.

Download WebService Datasource

Extract the zip downloaded from the Project's Release Area.
Update: using version 1.5 on JRS 6.4, only the zip Jaspersoft Web Service Data Source v1.5 was needed in the following steps

The unzipped folder will be referenced as [WS_DS_DIR] from now on.

Install TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio Plugin

  1. Localize your Jaspersoft Studio Installation directory. We'll reference it as [JSS_DIR] from now on
  2. Open the folder [WS_DS_DIR]\JSS
  3. Copy the jar files in this folder
  4. Open the folder [JSS_DIR]\plugins
  5. paste the previously copied jars

Install in TIBCO JasperReports Server

  1. Localize your JasperReports Server web application folder. We'll reference it as [JRS_DIR] from now on
  2. Open the folder [WS_DS_DIR]\JRS\WEB-INF
  3. Copy all the folder's content
  4. Stop your web server running JasperReports Server
  5. Open the folder [JRS_DIR]\WEB-INF
  6. Backup this folder before executing next step!  (this is not mandatory, but recommended)
  7. paste the previously copied files. Please note that it is not supposed to override any existing file.
  8. (This step is required only for Community Edition):
    • open the file [JRS_DIR]\WEB-INF\applicationContext-WebServiceDataSource.xml
    • Go to line 49 of the xml file, inside the bean addQueryLanguage change the property beanName from queryLanguagesPro to queryLanguagesCe
  9. Start your web server running JRS

Import Samples in TIBCO JasperReports Server repository