JasperServer SVN Source Available


The JasperServer team is pleased to announce that the JasperServer source code is now publicly available. You can check out the HEAD source code using svn or you can directly navigate and view files via your browser. To check out or browse source files, go to the JasperServer project and click on the "Source" menu item. You can checkout source with a recommended command such as:   svn checkout --username anonsvn http://jasperforge.org/svn/repos/jasperserver/trunk jasperserver   Additional Maven dependencies are in the JasperForge Maven repository. You can set up your Maven environment in the .m2/setttings.xml to use it as follows:


Such as:


              <id>JasperForge Maven Repository</id>

              <!-- note: you need a <server> definition at bottom of file this file -->










Then at bottom of file:



        <id>JasperForge Maven Repository</id>




There is the JasperServer-Source-Build-Guide.pdf, which can be found in the downloads area. I tells how to build source that is downloaded as a zip and in Appendix C, how to build the public SVN source code. The public source code is a mirror that is updated hourly from the Jaspersoft internal svn repositories.



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I'm trying to build off the trunk now, but I'm unable to find the file 'jasperserver-repo.zip' mentioned above. Can you be more explicit where to download it from? Thanks!
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Yes, it's in the downloads area: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=162962&package_id=... Also, everything should just resolve because the suggested maven setup points to www.jasperforge.org/maven2 which holds the same set of jars.
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Both the file up at sourceforge and the jasperforge maven repo do not have jars for the 3.1.0 branch.  For example, the jasper reports dependencies are:

js-pro-3.1 tagged branch

    <dependency>       <groupId>jasperreports</groupId>       <artifactId>jasperreports</artifactId>       <version>3.1.2</version>     </dependency>

On jasperforge, the jasperreports jar only is valid up to


Building from 3.0.0 tagged branches seem to work, but we are running up against a bug in 3.0.0 that appears fixed in 3.1.0.  3.1.0 is a recent release, but is there a possiblity of the jasperforge maven repository being updated to keep in sync, or a new repo archive being made availble for download?

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Hi Greg, yes, the SVN public source has a problem because our maven2 remote repository (on jasperforge.org) is not working. So, the artifacts you mentioned are not getting resolved. I have this scheduled to be fixed.

But the good news is that I just posted the src package that always goes with the 3.1.0 release. Look for the file jasperserver-3.1.0-src.zip. Inside the zip you will find:

  /jasperserver             (3.1 src)

  /jasperserver-repo   (all required 3rd party dependencies)

So, go ahead and give the source a try. Sorry for the delay on this ... this all dropped in the middle of the holidays over here!



P.S. The public SVN source has been tagged js-3.1.0. So, you will find the tag at:


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I have some modifications of jpivot and mondrian based on the actual Versions from sf.net. I'd like to Integrate them into JasperServer. The componenents in JasperServer seem to be modified or have different Versions. Where can I find the sources used in Jasperserver 3.0 and 3.1?

One of the changes is extremely useful in our internal use: A filter symbol is displayed near each Dimension member. It acts as a quickly defineable filter. ( See Quickfilter.png)

I'd like to put the changes upstream. And I need them in JasperServer.


Where can I find the sources of jpivot and mondrian which are "plug-in-compitible" to JasperServer?




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Up to JasperServer 3.1, JPivot has been changed from the base JPivot 1.7 version to work in JasperServer, to get Spring configuration and internationalization. We have a separate internal source tree, which we need to publish like we have for JasperServer.


Mondrian is the base 2.3.2 version.


I am in the process right now of upgrading Mondrian to v3.0.4 and doing the associated JPivot changes. Additionally, I am moving the JPivot changes we have done in JasperServer Professional into the community edition - a bit better navigation with popups rather than embedded forms, and being able to save an analysis view. This will be released in March.


I don't see any difference between your filter and a drill replace. Am I not understanding something?




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I tried to build jasperserver for glassfish V2. It doesn't work.

i created the mysql databases and tables, only the jasperserver database layout is unknown to me. I used the scripts for sugarcrm and foodmart they worked correct. 

On glassfish i get a 503 error: descriptionThe requested service () is not currently available.

i searched some directories and discovered that the application.xml file in the jasperserver directory contained false information?

in my opinion the jasperserver-pro names are false.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.or
g/2001/XMLSchema-instance" version="1.4">
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In case it's not obvious to anyone else (this took me a few minutes), the password is the same as the username (anonsvn).

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When I download the jasperserver-3.1.0-src.zip  from the " http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=162962&package_id=... "

The file names are incomplete for the hibernate xml files  ie. it should  ***.hbm.xml and not  ***.hbm


The path is:   jasperserver-3.1.0jasperserverjasperserver-repository-hibernatesrcmainresourcescomjaspersoftjasperserverapimetadatacommonserviceimplhibernatepersistent


Please correct it and upload it and let us know once that is done...

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vsoneta Wrote:

The file names are incomplete for the hibernate xml files  ie. it should  ***.hbm.xml and not  ***.hbm

I downloaded the zip and the file names are correct.  Are you sure your zip tool or file navigator doesn't hide the .xml entension?



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