Create Chart in iReport

By: Joanna B - joannabyy
Create Chart in iReport
2004-03-04 20:15
1. How can i create chart in iReport, by using the value from database?

2. I have created a parameter, and tick "is for prompting", however when i run the report, it never prompt for the parameter, wat should i do so that it will prompt for parameter b4 report generating

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: Create Chart in iReport
2004-03-06 03:06

1. Full chart support is not yet implemented in iReport, it will be for this summer.
There are several ways to create a chart, one of this is using scriptlet, or prepare your chart in your program and pass it to the report.
The basic idea is that a chart is an image, so make a chart is equal than create a image using a charting engine and display it in the reports.
As I have yet said, to create this image you must collect data, and to collect data you can use scriptlet.

2. "if for prompting" is a flag declared by jasperreports, and we have added it to be full compliant with jasperreports specifications.
But this don't means that iReport ask really for this value when run a report...
This could be a suggestion for a new feature, anyway, for now, you can put your value in the Initial value field for the parameter.


By: Rajmohan - grmohan68
RE: Create Chart in iReport
2004-03-10 23:21
iReport supports the chart functionality. I can able to integrate pie, bar, line charts with iReport successfully.

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: Create Chart in iReport
2004-03-11 03:36


if we talk about a native support, this there is not.
However, there are several way to integrate charts with iReport.
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