Out Of Memory Error!

By: Anuradha - anura Out Of Memory Error! 2003-09-01 04:58 Hi... 'am getting "java.lang.Out Of MemoryError"when i test my report output with more than 10,000 records in the database...Is there any specific reason for this? plzz help me out.. Regards, anu. ==== By: Gary Hill - gary_hill94 RE: Out Of Memory Error! 2003-09-03 06:11 I would guess your Java Virtual Machine is running out of memory. There is a limit on how much it will use. You can adjust the maximum amount of memory the JVM will use with the -X startup parameters. Here is an example. Normal application start: java -classpath classpath Application.class Application start setting maximum memory to 75 meg. java -classpath classpath -Xmx75m Application.class Hope this helps. Gary By: Anuradha - anura RE: Out Of Memory Error! 2003-09-03 23:35 Hi there... Increasing the HEAP SPACE alone doesn't help me..I tried giving : "java -classpath classpath -Xmx128m Application.class" But this doesn't seem to solve the problem! Anyother way out ?????? !!!!!! Plzz help me in this regard... Anu.
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