Jasper rest API - updating topic


I have to use rest API to update topic. When we export a topic there are two files 1.DomainQuery.xml 2.Topic.jrxml

I am able to Use put method for updating the jrxml. I need help in adding request for updating DomainQuery.xml.
Following is my request: Body as String with content type: application/repository.domainTopic+json { "label":"TopicLabel", "version":"0", "dataSource":{ "dataSourceReference":{ "uri":"Domain Source path /Date Source for topic" } },
"jrxml": { "jrxmlFile":{ "label": "Main jrxml", "type":"jrxml",
"content":"Base 64 Encoded Topic Jrxml" } } } There is process missing for updating the DomainQuery.xml This request works however it removes domainQuery.xml files making the topic invalid one.
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