Use Collcetion subDataset of table for Linechart


i want to use Collcetion subDataset of table for Linechart.
currently i want to create linechart using java.util.collection
i m  new in user i report.
Here Is the step which i use to create report

Create simple report. after that i cretae parameter to use java collection 
then i cretate one table to show data in Table text mannner.

but now i want to create Line chart with using table dataset.

i created Line chart to show table in Chart fomation .
 i dont  know how to show up
i tried to create report and later i proide subdataset of table and provide category series value experssion but my report  doesnt show any thing i m not sure the field i setteled is right aor wrong.

if anyone has idea to create any chart with using java collection  please bring me out from this problem.i stuck badly


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