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I am not good in English. I want to implement the browser cache for all static content of my project built on jsp/servlet and hosted on tomcat 7, it took more than 10 days and still struggling with a issue to resolved.

My Issue is:
I have implemented browser cache in my project and it is working fine on local machine or staging/production server when calling with localhost or ipaddress:8080/projname.
But when requesting through domain url ( cache is not working for any content placed inside css, js, images directory that is placed inside root (WebContent). It worked only for those static content that are directaly placed inside root directory (WebContent / WEB-INF).

Please help me to identify the issue and what I have to implement else to resolve this.

Here I have tried both code on the server:

Setting up a cache filter in Tomcat or JBoss for static files

Enabling the cache filter in Tomcat 7


Thank you :)

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