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PPTX Exporter

Export Reports to Power Point

Update: The PPTX exporter is now included into Jaspersoft by default (beginning with version 6.0)


The PPTX Custom Exporter is an extension that can be installed into an existing JasperReports Server implementation to enable the ability to export reports into the PPTX file format for Microsoft Power Point.

Features and Benefits: 
Export Reports to PowerPoint
Export reports from within your JasperReports Server implementation directly to Microsoft PowerPoint.
Developed for JasperReports Server 4.2.1
Currently only working with JasperReports Server 4.2.1. (Community and Commercial Editions)
Portable to other versions of JasperReports Server
The source code has been provided along with information on how it was done, allowing for a developer to implement the same capabilities for future versions of JasperReports Server.
Provides a sample to build other Exporters
With the provision of the source, this extension can be used as a reference implementation to understand how to create your own exporter for JasperReports Server.