Hadoop Connectors

Big Data Analytics for Hadoop Hive, Impala and HBase

Native reporting for Hadoop Hive, Impala and HBase with Jaspersoft Studio, iReport and JasperReports Server

Big Data systems are generally recognized as those providing massive horizontal scale out capabilities. Jaspersoft's architecture is data source agnostic, enabling native reporting for Hadoop and popular NoSQL systems in a variety of ways. This connector provides access to data stored in Hadoop HBase, Hive and Impala for your reporting and analytical needs. 

This community connector is only recommended for users using Jasper Reports Server 5.5 and below. Starting with version 5.6, a new driver will be bundled with the installation which will be the official supported driver.


First steps


Begin by downloading the connector you are interested in.

Hadoop Hive users, please note that the Hadoop Hive connector is built into iReport and JasperReports Server as of version 4.5. There's nothing extra to install, so you can go straight to the documentation. For Amazon Elastic MapReduce customers, please refer to the Amazon EMR connection page.

For Hadoop HBase, you will need to download the connector.

Review the Documentation

After you have downloaded the connector, Review the documentation available under the resources tab to learn how to:

  • Install the connector,
  • Write queries that the connector can process, and
  • Create Reports that leverage the connector.