Bug Tracker for: Jaspersoft® Studio

ID Summary Status Severity Priority Category Assigned to Last Updatedsort ascending Replies Project
#4451 JSS 6.1.0 beta forgets Provider class Feedback Requested (Open) Block High Bug report drupal7_anonymous 1 day 3 hours ago 4 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4466 JSS 6.0.4 after three times of 'Publish Report to JasperReport Server' ask for all subquerys and Input Control for overwrite and i have to ignore one by one New (Open) Major High Bug report Anonymous 1 day 9 hours ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4461 Just updated to JSS 6.0.4 and some Text Fields shows this warning: 'The use of PDF font is deprecated by the font extension. For more .....' New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report 1 day 9 hours ago 0 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4436 Unable to create class from Bundle New (Open) Block High Bug report Anonymous 3 days 2 hours ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4383 Custom Functions Library error Feedback Requested (Open) Tweak High Bug report mrabbi 3 days 2 hours ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4399 Poor performance when Data about millions New (Open) Critical Immediate Enhancement request drupal7_anonymous 3 days 3 hours ago 2 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4416 Preview Not function with Chart and MainDataset Feedback Requested (Open) Minor Urgent Bug report Anonymous 5 days 2 hours ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#3487 Misspelling in Jaspersoft Studio User Guide Confirmed (Open) Text Low Bug report Anonymous 1 week 2 days ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4397 Use 1 image more than once in the same report is not possible Feedback Requested (Open) Minor Normal Bug report mrabbi 1 week 4 days ago 3 Jaspersoft® Studio
#3396 Custom JRDataSource Results in ClassNotFoundException Feedback Requested (Open) Major High Bug report chicuslavic 1 week 4 days ago 7 Jaspersoft® Studio
#3515 Studio seems to be leaking memory Feedback Requested (Open) Major Normal Bug report chicuslavic 2 weeks 5 days ago 8 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4355 Chart customizers are not catched up Assigned (Open) Major Normal Bug report morlandin 3 weeks 2 days ago 6 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4143 Hibernate update required (NPE while creating the SessionFactory) Acknowledged (Open) Major Normal Enhancement request Anonymous 3 weeks 3 days ago 4 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4350 frame or rectangle in de background does not print correct. Feedback Requested (Open) Critical Urgent Bug report morlandin 3 weeks 4 days ago 5 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4142 Date/time GUI control has very bad usability Feedback Requested (Open) Minor Normal Enhancement request 4 weeks 1 day ago 4 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4165 Unrecognized scriptlet New (Open) Minor High Bug report morlandin 1 month 2 days ago 3 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4133 High Memory Consumption Confirmed (Suspended) Major Normal General mrabbi 1 month 1 week ago 3 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4050 Refresh on workspace not working correctly New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report Anonymous 1 month 4 weeks ago 1 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4086 Support for Java Jdk1.8 Feedback Requested (Open) Major High Feature request mrabbi 1 month 4 weeks ago 4 Jaspersoft® Studio
#3392 iReport to Jaspersoft Studio: missing features Feedback Requested (Open) Tweak High Enhancement request morlandin 2 months 6 days ago 13 Jaspersoft® Studio